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neighborhood Upper East Side
reference code wi906
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building type Walk Up
building features Pre-War
apartment price ranges
dogs allowed No
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Please Read: Important Advice for Contacting Landlords!
local transportation
subway stations
77th St at Lexington Ave
68th St at Lexington Ave
59th St at Lexington Ave
5th Ave at 59th St
Lexington Ave at 63rd St
E 86th St at Lexington Ave
E 96th St at Lexington Ave
E 103th St at Lexington Ave
bus lines
1 5th Ave / Madison Ave
2 5th Ave / Madison Ave
3 5th Ave / Madison Ave
4 5th Ave / Madison Ave / Broadway
15 1st Ave / 2nd Ave
30 72nd St / 57th St Crosstown
31 York Ave / 57th St Crosstown
66 67th St / 68th St Crosstown
72 72nd St / 68th St Crosstown
79 79th St / 68th St Crosstown
86 86th St Crosstown
96 96th St Crosstown
98 Washington Heights / Midtown
101 3rd Ave / Lexington Ave
102 3rd Ave / Lexington Ave
103 3rd Ave / Lexington Ave
106 96th St / 106th St Crosstown
Q60 Jamaica
Q101 Astoria
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neighborhood views
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roommate resources
Easy Roommate
relocation resources
USPS Movers Guide
nationwide rental resources
Rent Search
Everything RE
tourism shopping recreation real estate
New York City Visitors Network
Easy Surf
school resources
New York City Department of Education
utility companies
KeySpan Energy Delivery
Con Edison Company
phone companies
cable companies
Time Warner Cable
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Another NYC Apartment Testimonial
Many of our clients send notes of their successful New York City apartment search

An excellent company!
"Within hours of signing up, we had many NYC apartments to see."
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